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02 June 2014

Make an Enquiry Anytime: 24 hour Enquiry Helpline Service


The Wellington understands health issues aren’t just a 9-5 concern and it can be a struggle to manage your health concerns around your family or a full time job.

Today The Wellington Hospital launches its new 24 hour Enquiry Helpline service which offers potential patients, existing patients, GPs and other referrers the ability to talk to a member of our team 24 hours a day. The hospital has always offered a 24/7 nursing service 365 days a year so we've introduced this new service to help support those who face time restrictions within their modern day life and to offer support if you have an urgent health concern that requires an independent GP or admission to hospital.  

Who are the Enquiry Helpline?

The Enquiry Helpline is a friendly team of people who can make appointments with consultants, answer general enquiries about the hospital (whether you are a patient, a friend or relative, or a medical professional), and help organise acute admissions from GPs or Consultants. They can assist you in finding a consultant who best suits you, or your patient’s, needs or provide directions to the hospital. They can even offer advice on the nearest hotels or florists, the list is endless.

Each month, this team receive thousands of calls and thousands of questions, so whatever you would like to know, this is the team you need to speak to.

If you have an enquiry or need to book an appointment (at any time of the day) just contact the Enquiry Helpline on 020 7483 5148 and one of our team will be happy to help.

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